Cylon Centurion Lighting Done

With just a little bit of modification to the original kit, I’ve now installed the lighting module into the Cylon. A single magnet holds the PCB into the lid, thanks to the metallic batteries and clips, and then another 2 magnets hold the lid to the head itself.

Once assembled, you’d never know the top was removable, but provides easy access to turning the unit on and off and changing the batteries when they are flat.

12 thoughts on “Cylon Centurion Lighting Done

  1. this is exactly what I have been looking for could you email me on my personal email with details of cost and how to buy one of these modules

  2. could you sell me one of these cylon lighting units it is just the thing I am looking for to complete my model cylon centurion. if there are none available could you tell me what I need and send me a circuit diagram so I could make one of my own? send reply to

  3. Hi Ant do you still have the cylon centurion lighting module for sale would love to have one could you please send me details on price and postage Iam in the uk
    thanks john howie

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