Cylon Centurion Lighting Done

With just a little bit of modification to the original kit, I’ve now installed the lighting module into the Cylon. A single magnet holds the PCB into the lid, thanks to the metallic batteries and clips, and then another 2 magnets hold the lid to the head itself.

Once assembled, you’d never know the top was removable, but provides easy access to turning the unit on and off and changing the batteries when they are flat.

Cylon Centurion Lighting Module

I’ve been working on this on and off since receiving the Cylon test-shot and the first bunch of prototype PCBs arrived yesterday. This will be a completely self-contained module with onboard batteries that just drops into the head of the centurion – so no messy cutting, drilling or wiring!

There’s still some fine tuning to do, but it’s pretty close for a first attempt…





Video of the unit in action


Moebius Cylon Centurion – First Look!

Frank Winspur, Moebius CSO was very gracious in offering me a pre-release test-shot of the forthcoming Cylon Centurion kit in exchange for one of my Raider lighting modules! I was mainly interested in seeing how suitable this will also be for a lighting upgrade, but it’s a kit I’ve been waiting for anyway for a long time.

The kit arrived yesterday and my first impressions were wow! It’s big! Second impression was wow! There’s a lot of parts! it’s going to be fun putting this together as it was just polybagged with no instructions, but hey, we all love a challenge!

The head does have a bit of space inside, but not much. The eye slot is about twice the size of the one on the Raider so will need more and/or larger LEDs which may make the assembly of a module somewhat easier. The very top of the head serves as a nice hatch into the headspace so it should be possible to assemble most of the kit beforehand. I have a few ideas about the batteries. Stay tuned.

Here’s some pictures of the sprues – the base is 10″ by 6″ to give you an idea of the size.