Moebius Cylon Centurion – First Look!

Frank Winspur, Moebius CSO was very gracious in offering me a pre-release test-shot of the forthcoming Cylon Centurion kit in exchange for one of my Raider lighting modules! I was mainly interested in seeing how suitable this will also be for a lighting upgrade, but it’s a kit I’ve been waiting for anyway for a long time.

The kit arrived yesterday and my first impressions were wow! It’s big! Second impression was wow! There’s a lot of parts! it’s going to be fun putting this together as it was just polybagged with no instructions, but hey, we all love a challenge!

The head does have a bit of space inside, but not much. The eye slot is about twice the size of the one on the Raider so will need more and/or larger LEDs which may make the assembly of a module somewhat easier. The very top of the head serves as a nice hatch into the headspace so it should be possible to assemble most of the kit beforehand. I have a few ideas about the batteries. Stay tuned.

Here’s some pictures of the sprues – the base is 10″ by 6″ to give you an idea of the size.


Cylon Raider Finished

Inbetween building up a whole load of lighting modules, I’ve managed to finish my own Cylon Raider! I used a mixture of Alcald Duraluminium, Stainless Steel and Steel paints to get a nice variation in the panel colours.

I also added a couple more guns to each gun pod, made from various sizes of plastic and brass tube and rod.


 Here’s a video of the lighting effects in action