Don’t push me…

Having already painted most of Gizmo, when I came to do his makeshift flaming arrow I decided that what’s sculpted on the figure is just a bit too basic. There’s no detail to the correction fluid bottle or pencil and there are some distracting blocked in areas around these to remove the need for deep undercuts in the mold.

So after 20 mins messing about with some styrene and acrylic rod on the lathe, I’ve come up with this replacement.

Ideally I would have liked some hexagonal rod for the pencil, but round will have to do.

Mogwai Lenny

Finished painting Lenny this weekend and have made a start blocking in colour on Gizmo – they are both very similar. I was originally going to airbrish the colours on to get a nice soft blend between them but masking became really fiddly so in the end I decided to just hand paint them and then feather the edges with pastels.

Lenny’s eyes were particularly fiddly because the iris and pupil were sculpted in but very roughly – it was hard to paint on neat circles over the top. I should’ve just puttied the lines over. Gizmo’s don’t look quite so bad….

Spent a pleasant afternoon watching Gremlins 2 again… purely for reference… 🙂


These little 3″ resin figures were released by Kaiyodo in the early 90’s a short time after the second film. I’ve been slowly collecting them, trying to get the complete set but they are very hard to come by now so I’ve decided to make a start on what I have (I actually had a Daffy and Mogwai George that I painted years ago which can be seen in the gallery).

So this is what I’ve got:

Back row L-R: Mohawk, Daffy, George, Lenny

Front row: “Generic”, Mogwai Lenny, Gizmo

Each figure came in a different colour resin – these have all been cleaned up and primed with the exception of generic gremlin (forgot him in the bottom of the box!). Casting is ok, if a little rough in places – some seams to remove and textures to resculpt around the edges but nothing major. I’m still toying with removing the bases since they are a bit ugly.

I’m still looking for the 2 I’m missing:

Mogwai Daffy

Mogwai Mohawk Now aquired thanks to Stu!

If you have either for sale (originals only, no recasts!) let me know!