Alpha UFO Lighting Module Version 2

Having done some work recently with the Atmel ATTiny 84 microcontroller in a SOIC surface mount package, I had a casual thought back to the lighting module I did for the Pegasus Alpha Centauri UFO kit a couple of years ago – namely “could I now get all the control circuitry for animating the LEDs onto the same PCB inside the UFO.

After several weeks of fiddling with the design, the answer is a resounding yes!.

So here is V2. Totally self contained. Everything is on the one PCB that just drops into the UFO around the centre crew compartment. The mode selection switch has even been incorporated as a magnetically operated reed switch on the board. Just wave a magnet over the part of the saucer that is resides under to switch between all the lighting modes, or low power standby.

Ok there’s one caveat. There’s still no room for a battery, so a couple of leads still have to be attached to an external 4.5V supply – 3AAA’s which should be good for a couple of days continuous operation.


Here is it in action

7 thoughts on “Alpha UFO Lighting Module Version 2

  1. First of all congratulations!

    the light module provides a beautifully rendered came straight from another world!

    Well, I just ordered 2 boxes kit alpha centory ufo, next week they will be delivered to me at the sight of your lights on ufo, I think that your light module will be fine on one of my flying saucer

    here is my question: how long do you have completed the module lights incorporating the battery and at what price you sell it thought

    good to you I come in peace …. the truth is out there …
    my youtube channel:

  2. Hi I just wanted to know if you are selling light kits yet if so how much & how do I get one please let me know thanks Randy

  3. hello,

    First of all i would to tell you how awesome your lighting system looks.

    I am a model builder from Belgium and i always try to put lights in my models when i can. I found some lights that fit the model but they are only flashing in one mode. I received one UFO from a friend and am thinking of buying some more to create a nice diorama.

    Can u let me know if and how i can buy your lighting module? I would like to have 3 modules if possible.

    Kind regards

    • Buy the Way: i know how to connect lights to a batterie or adapter but have no clue about programming or creating modules like that.

  4. Hello,
    is it possible to have two green light kit UFO Lighting Module Alpha Version 2
    I think it’s great your light design.
    how to order your kits
    Congratulations for your work

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